An Online Photo Booth
for Virtual Headshots

Virtual Headshots: Professional Headshots for Remote Teams with Virtual Booth

While Virtual Booth has long been celebrated for its innovative virtual photo booth experiences, it's not just about fun snapshots and event memories. We're excited to introduce a new dimension to our platform: Virtual Headshots. Whether you have a distributed team across continents or a startup in a single city, Virtual Booth ensures that everyone gets a professional, consistent, and high-quality headshot, all from the comfort of their own space. Dive into a seamless integration of technology and photography, and discover how Virtual Booth is redefining the way we think about professional headshots.

User-Friendly & Admin-Friendly

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Every individual is able to capture their own high-quality headshot from any location, using just their smartphone. They simply open a link and they are prompted with instructions on how to complete the photo session. Photos are stored securely in the cloud and can be easily integrated into your existing onboarding workflow.

For You:

  • Organize everything from a centralized hub.
  • Sidestep the challenge of gathering headshots.
  • Save your graphic designer from another revision.
  • Integrate new team members effortlessly.

For Your Team:

  • Capture top-notch headshots with ease.
  • Bypass the hassle of arranging photo sessions.
  • Take headshots anytime of day from anywhere in the world using just a smart phone

Consistant Quality

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Virtual Booth incorporates AI background removal, ensuring each headshot aligns perfectly with your organizational standards, no matter where the user does their photo session.

Expandable & Cost-Effective

virtual head shots

Handling each headshot internally can consume hours, from planning to shooting, editing, and deploying. Utilize Virtual Booth to eliminate the legwork involved with onboarding user headshots. Virtual Booth is incredibly affordable and provides a set it and forget it solution.

"We have used Virtual Booth for the last 2 years to take thousands of virtual headshots for our new employee badges. It has saved us countless hours and a lot of money since we switched from doing all of the work in house." - Shawn D, AT&T HR Manager